Rose Cafe Bustier Dress REWORKED | Sewing PDF Pattern

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  • Soft cup bustier bodice dress digital pattern (reworked version)
  • EU 32-52 US 0-20
  • Up to 11 cup size options
  • Printable underwire chart with sizes
  • Instant download A4/Letter PDF sewing pattern 
  • Step by step sewing video tutorial

 The RoseCafe bustier pattern has undergone a major rework! I have completely redesigned the cups in the pattern, adding the option to include a suitable underwire based on an printable underwire chart. The underwires help solve the issue of the bustier protruding from the center of the body. The regular length underwire is recommended for this pattern. A printable version of the underwire chart is available in actual size to provide a visual representation of the dimensions for the underwire.

The larger cup sizes have been modified to be less wide and high near the armpit. If you've encountered these problems with the previous version, it might be worth trying out this latest version.

Also check out the refilmed video tutorial:

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The Rose Cafe bustier dress pattern consists of three ZIP files: BUSTIER PATTERN, SKIRT PATTERN, BUSTIER PATTERN SA LINE ONLY. They consist of 10 PDF files, each PDF file corresponds to each bodice size (32-52 EUR 0-20 US) and includes multiple cup sizes for this particular bodice size. The skirt patterns include darts, you should choose the dart, which corresponds to your cup size.The third file is for a case when you are not able to use layers to choose your own size and have to print all the sizes. This file contains a clearer pattern with the seam allowance line only. 

All pattern files are designed with layers. You have the option to print only your cup size or a few cup sizes as necessary (recommended).

This pattern is an advanced sewing level pattern.

The pattern requires printing on A4 format pages. It also works on US letter format. 

What fabric is it better to use? Medium weight, non-stretch or with a low percentage of elastane, woven fabrics are recommended, such as cotton or wool boucle fabric, any composition tweed fabric, wool, cotton or linen twill; denim; cotton gabardine; heavyweight silk or cotton satin. See the materials needed section.

This particular design is a lightweight dress that does not necessitate the inclusion of boning. However, if you wish to create a bustier top with boning, underwires, and foam cups, or even create a transparent corset, you can use this same pattern and follow along with my other tutorials on a Youtube channel Daria Patternmaking

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You are allowed to use this pattern for sewing a garment for yourself and share your creation on social media. However, If the pattern is used to create a content that is/might be monetized, the pattern creator has to be credited.

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5 files in total: 1 PDF file with instructions, 1 PDF file with underwire chart, 1 ZIP file with bustier patterns and 1 ZIP file with skirt patterns, 1 ZIP file with the bustier patterns with SA only

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Rose Cafe Bustier Dress REWORKED | Sewing PDF Pattern

42 ratings
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