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Small Cup Update | Rose Cafe bustier pattern |

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Small Cup Update | Rose Cafe bustier pattern |

Daria Patternmaking

Hey! I have just updated the smallest cup pieces (AA-A-B) of the Rose Cafe Bustier Dress | Sewing PDF Pattern. If you had any issues with the smallest cup fit previously (AA-A-B), check out new improvements!

If you have previously purchased the Rose Cafe bustier pattern, type in 0 and you will be able to download the file for free.

By downloading this file you are agreeing to the terms of use.
You may not re-use/price split/share/re-publish/re-sell this file or any parts of it for any commercial purposes. You may not claim it or any part of it as your own. Private personal use only. 

You are allowed to use this file for sewing a garment for yourself and share your creation on social media. However if the it involves/promotes or represents most of the present content(being used as identity) that is monetizing, the pattern creator has to be credited.
Contact if you have downloaded it on any other websites, besides or the only Daria’s Etsy shop:

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